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Dr Paul Chantrill

Munganbana's art book showcases the beautiful rainforest and its wildlife that we are privileged to protect ... It is a unique area and to have one of the cultural custodians of the land, in the form of renowned rainforest aboriginal artist Munganbana depict it, it is very exciting - Wet Tropics Management Authority

Henrietta Marrie

Now recognised among the foremost talents of this region's outstanding Indigenous artists, Munganbana's "Reef and Rainforest: An Aboriginal Voice Through Art and Story" is representative of the body of visual art, in a variety of media and styles, created over a period of twenty-five years - Gimuy Elder.

Sheriden Morris

Munganbana's work in creating this book is a perfect example of ... connection to country. He has combined his personal, ancestral and spiritual experiences with a mix of traditional and contemporary art styles to help give us a greater understanding of the beauty, history and importance of the Reef - Managing Director, Reef and Rainforest Research Centre


From the Studio of Munganbana Norman Miller

Cairns, Qld, Australia

20 July 2023

Hello There,

Thank you so much for stopping by this page!

I am currently giving away a limited number of art prints of my new Rainforest Collection for FREE.

I know it sounds too good to be true …

Why would I even think of doing something like that?


There are two reasons this offer makes perfect sense to me:


I believe that the artwork you choose to surround yourself with should speak to you, and say something about you. It is my goal that my art evokes the freshness and newness of the rainforest helping you feel peaceful, inspired, and renewed. This collection can go with any design style so you can bring that sense of renewal and calm into your favourite place in your home.

The past 2 years have thrown negativity and uncertainty at us from many angles. It's been difficult for everyone in all kinds of ways. So I wanted to help spread positivity and creativity by offering my art prints for free.


I have been a visual artist now for over 25 years but I want to reach a new audience. Giving away this collection for free helps me to get my name out there, and get my artwork into your hands and homes! It helps me extend my reach, and connect with more people. My goal is to touch the lives of as many people as possible and I hope that my art connects with you!

This helps people know about me and my work, but at the same time helps spread my messages of positivity and creativity. Honestly, I just want to make a great first impression on you. What better way than to let you try my art for free? Perhaps one day you'll come back to me and ask for a larger print, or maybe even some original artwork.

(No pressure though, of course!)


Below this letter, I’ve laid out the details of my collection and would like you to pick your favorite print to take home.

(I can only offer 1 per person I’m afraid)

Numbers are limited, so this page and offer will be taken down the moment the last one has gone.


I fully guarantee you’ll love what you receive or I’ll refund your shipping & handling and you can keep the print anyway (or gift it to a loved one).

I love creating my art, so I want you to love what you receive just as much as I love creating it - that’s why offering this guarantee makes sense to me.

All you’d have to do is contact me directly using the details on your receipt and I’ll give you back every cent. Which I’m grateful to say has never had to happen yet!

So this truly is a risk-free offer. (Just a heartfelt piece of art from me to you!)

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come.

Sounds fair right?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, here are the next steps …

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Summary (If you don't like to read and like to skip to the end!)

Choose your favorite A5 art print below

Fill out the form and enter your address on the following page

Pay just $9.90 for shipping & handling (Save $25 on this page!)

Receive your new wall art in just 21 days


This Rainforest Collection can bring the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area into your home. So no matter where you live, bringing this art into your home will enable you to enjoy the freshness and the vibrance of the rainforest. Nature has a way of bringing us peace and calm and re-centering us. You can almost touch the leaves and feel the rain as it brings fresh life. You can soak up the vibe. Green is a healing colour.

For me, as a rainforest Aboriginal artist or Bama, as we call ourselves, I bring a unique perspective on the rainforest because I can see the boomerangs and shields my people made almost beckoning to be made. I still make them today. I bring Indigenous patterns, not imposed on the landscape, but almost dancing there or moving in rhythm with the land.

I look forward to you enjoying this collection, or at least one free painting with me.


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  • FREE BONUS - You get to join my VIP Collectors art group where you can receive gifts from time to time & be the first to know of special offers
  • FREE BONUS - I fully guarantee you will love what you receive or I will refund your cost and you can keep the print anyway or gift it to a friend
  • FREE BONUS - I will provide you with a copy of the story of the art that you can place underneath, if you wish, when you hang it

The Rainforest

Tall trees of all shapes and sizes, insects of different species, biird life;green green leaves, vines hanging, palm fronds overlapping; fruits of the rainforest, very delicious. Refreshing cool sound of the waterfall. Drinking from it and standing under it feels so good. Croak! A frog wanting to be heard. I love to immerse myself in this world.

$25.00 Free!

*Just pay $9.90 Au shipping & handling fee

Rainforest Palms

I love the rainforest palms of the Wet Tropics in north Queensland where I live, particularly the fan palm. The Valley of the Palms in the Daintree area is a small area which features a large number of fan palms and many tall, flowering fan palms can be seen at Cape Tribulation. Majestically, it can grow over 6m high with its crown of palmate leaves, each up to 2m wide.

$25.00 Free!

*Just pay $9.90 Au shipping & handling fee

Rainforest Dreaming 1

Dreaming is all about how things came about and what life means. What lore should we live by and what are our relationships to one another and the land and creatures around us? Aboriginal people traditionally understood how things came to be through stories of ancestors who roamed this land and by their actions affected the environment around them. It was and is, an intimate relationship with the land and living creatures. The rainforest was life to my people and is my home. The sun shines through and the waterfall flows gently, bringing fresh life.

$25.00 Free!

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Rainforest Dreaming 2

When I look at the rainforest from which I come, I see the beauty of this creation. I see the thick foliage of vines, ferns and palms, entwined around each other. I see the richness of the green and can imagine the shapes of the boomerangs and shields as though they are now, in the moment, beckoning to be made. My people used the rainforest and shaped it to meet their needs. As hunters and gatherers, the rainforest was plentiful. I see the sun shining through the foliage, the light of day breaking through where it can in this dense rainforest.

$25.00 Free!

*Just pay $9.90 Au shipping & handling fee

About Munganbana

Because of my interest in art, I did an Associate Diploma of Arts course at Cairns TAFE. It stirred my creativity. Since I was studying with other Indigenous students, we got to explore how our culture affected our art.

Despite a lack of start-up finance, I have managed to maintain my artist-owned art gallery in the city of Cairns, north Queensland Australia, for over 25 years, with a few years working from home in between city gallery locations.

One of my early challenges was that the tradition-based work from Arnhem Land and the Western Desert was favoured over the art of my rainforest Aboriginal peoples or Bama. This changed with the Queensland Art Gallery’s exhibition Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York and the Rainforest in 2003. I was one of eight Bama artists representing rainforest art in this exhibition. It produced one of the many coffee table books I’ve had my art featured in.

I have been able to have an art exhibition in Hamburg Germany and at international events and I travelled to Chicago to receive a book award in 2016 for my own art book which has over 200 paintings. I am pleased to have my art in homes all over the world and do what I enjoy – paint.

I love to connect people to nature through my art of the reef and rainforest and its wildlife and I love to help people get a greater appreciation of my Aboriginal culture through my paintings of boomerangs, shields, didjieridoos and other cultural expressions.

Copyright Munganbana 2023

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